There Is Always Another Bus

While fellowshipping with my Heavenly Father some wisdom I learned from my earthly father came to mind.

My father worked for an influential family in Chicago and he would manage their many businesses interests around the city and suburbs. He was a hard worker and didn’t take no stuff.

One of the businesses he managed was a downtown parking lot. He secured jobs for my cousin and me at the parking lot and made sure we made it to work (hangover or not 🤨).

Everyday except Sunday the three of us would take public transportation to work.

One day on the way to the bus stop we saw the bus about to leave us. My cousin and I started sprinting trying to catch up with the bus. We darted through traffic waving and screaming for the bus to wait for us to no avail.

We looked back and my father was taking his time unconcerned that we had missed the bus.

When he caught up with us we asked him why he didn’t run. He told us, “because there will always be another bus”.

Last week I got word that the women’s prison in Vandalia, because of changes due to the pandemic, would no longer need our services as volunteers.

That hit hard because for close to 20 years I faithfully ministered at that facility. I’ve seen countless lives changed through the power of the Gospel. I’ve seen families reunited, ministries started, lifetime friendships created and miraculous healings during my tenure.

We traveled over 200 miles round trip to minister there and we went rain, sleet or snow for almost 20 years. Now it’s over 🙁! I grieved!

While praying and asking for direction, God reminded me earlier this week that when He closes one door at the same time He’s opening others (Revelation 3:7,8). There’s always a place for willing workers in the Kingdom.

Then I remembered my earthly father’s wisdom. Another bus did come very shortly after we missed that first one. It was less crowded, more comfortable and actually got us to our destination around the same time.

If you took the time to read this and you’re grieving because you feel you missed some opportunity or some door has slammed in your face remember: