How Many Stones Are In Your Bag?

I struggled many years with addictions that ran the gamut from drugs and alcohol to work and exercise.

I don’t cover it up and as a matter of fact God has used and is still using my testimony to impact and bring deliverance to countless persons struggling with addictions.

During my drug using days (late 60’s and early 70’s) while shooting heroin I contracted Hepatitis C.

I received treatment in 2015 and thought it was gone.

But to my dismay, while I recently underwent successful treatment for cancer my doctors found that the Hep C had returned.

The temptation to allow a “woe is me, one thing after another” spirit of self-pity drag me into a pit of depression, knocked briefly on my minds door.

Then God reminded me that David had five stones in his bag when he killed Goliath and that he only needed one stone for that battle (1 Sa

I imagine, because scripture didn’t say, the other four were for giants yet to come.

God said that if He could heal me from the big C the little c didn’t have a chance!

I am now on my 51st day of treatment and feeling great! No noticeable side effects.

The medicine I take, Voscevi, has a cost of $26,075 for 28 pills. I will need three bottles to complete my treatment. That comes to a total of $78,225 to complete the process.

Now get this...drumroll...I won’t pay a dime!!! Not even a copay and it is shipped directly to my home!



God is preparing me for this next season in my life where He will totally blow my mind!

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