I’m Blessed And Highly Favored

I wrote “I’m Blessed And Highly Favored” during a spiritual drought in my life to constantly remind myself of God’s favor.

This morning Holy Spirit told me to share, from that book, this prayer on social media.

If you would, touch and agree with me that during these trying times in our nation we will receive extraordinary favor. First that God is glorified and then as a witness to the nations.

Father God-

It’s in the name of Your precious Son Jesus Christ that we boldly enter Your presence and sit at Your feet in Your throne room to obtain Your favor, grace and mercy according to (Hebrews 4:16).

I pray not only for myself, but for all those whom will read this prayer.

We know that You satisfy Yourself by blessing us, by surrounding us by Your grace and favor. Holy Spirit, train us to live in the Father’s personalized favor so that rapid, accelerated spiritual growth is our norm.

Holy Spirit, we give You permission to actively promote favor in our lives!

Lord, we know that Your thoughts towards us outnumber the grains of sand according to (Psalms 139:17).

Father You bless us with intentionality and we will allow Your favor to forge a new identity in us: no more low thinking or low living. We will no longer see ourselves as grasshoppers in the face of the giants of opposition in our lives as shown in (Numbers 13:32-33).

Massage our hearts Holy Spirit so we can fully walk in our purpose and identity. Abba, we are not a challenge to you. Our problems and challenges are tiny in comparison to how great You are!

Holy Spirit, push us into that deep place of receiving and rest; incapable of anxiety and worry (Philippians 4:6-7).

We rejoice in this journey called life realizing that even our trials and tribulations drive us into deeper joy because we are justified and stand by faith and grace according to (Romans 5:1-5). We embrace the process.

Lord, You make even our enemies to be at peace with us and their opposition drives us to a deeper place of Your anointing. We eat delicacies from Your table in their presence (Psalm 23:5; Proverbs 16:7).

We live in the high tower of Your anointing and blessing and ascend Your mountain with clean hands and a pure heart.

Father, we receive Your yes and Amen. We receive Your upgrade to our lives. We are fit for life and ready for the world with increased strength and stamina according to (2 Corinthians 1:20)!

Lord, we realize it’s not about us but it’s about You pleasing Yourself through us. Your passion and favor surrounds us. We enter into Your presence by Your permission--not our performance. It’s OK for us to be small because You are so big!

Abba, we banish all weariness, stagnancy, anxiety and weakness out of lives and allow You to please Yourself by blessing us (Psalms 35:27).

Father, this is Your day and we celebrate You for who You are.

Lord, as we conclude this prayer we commit to praising You and giving thanks in everything, as it is written in (Psalms 118:24).

We will enjoy the ride as you take us into a whole new dimension of abundant life and favor in the Spirit (John 10:10).


Excerpt from “I’m Blessed And Highly Favored”! - Pastor Alfred T. Long Sr.