“The Corner”

Kacie Starr Long and I celebrated a wonderful holiday weekend. We ate good, went to a birthday party, enjoyed some powerful Worship and Word at Influence Church from Pastor Scott Gerken.

And then we binge watched episodes from “The Corner”.

The Corner filmed in 2000, crafted a devastating and authentic portrait of the crime and poverty that has been wreaked on the city of Baltimore by a combination of the drug trade, corrupt public institutions, violence and an apathetic public that’s allowed it all to happen.

The show came from a book called “The Corner: A Year on the Streets” which chronicled the real life stories of several different dope fiends living on the streets of Baltimore.

The eerie and sad thing about The Corner is how it mirrored my experiences on the corners in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s. I could put a name from those days to almost every character on the show.

Even sadder is that the same crime, the same poverty, the same drug trade, the same corrupt public institutions, the same violence and the same apathetic public is wreaking havoc on our urban areas in 2020!

I thank God for Jesus who lifted me from them corners in 1974. I’ll never forget from where God delivered me and I will always take the Gospel back!

I wrote a poem that depicted my misery and God’s deliverance that came from living life on them corners titled “Lord Please Help Me”

“Lord Please Help Me”

Day breaks, and I got the shakes

My mind is numb and my body aches

I woke up this morning with those familiar heartaches

I drink some wine to maybe ease my mind

Hang on the corners to pass some time. I need some dope that great false hope

Cause I can’t cope

And I’m bout to let go of this rope.

Lord Please Help Me!

Yea, everybody plays the fool and it ain’t no ception to that rule. How did I get this way?

Well, let me see....

Was it my parents, my neighborhood, my teachers, my Blackness?

No, something is wrong with me.

I am angry, miserable, bitter and full of sin

Can anybody tell me when this will end?

When it started, I thought I was cool, I didn’t follow no rules

School, that was for fools.

I played with life, like it was a toy

thought I was a man, but I was still a boy

I did not know the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy

Game recognizes game or, so they say