“Who Are You”

As part of our prison ministry, I receive a completed lesson plan from a justice involved individual every week. They complete it and it’s mailed to me and I comment on their answers. I then write them a letter to encourage and support them while they study the Word. It’s a great ministry and blesses me as I study along side of them.

The lesson this week was about the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). Since most of us are familiar with that story I won’t go much into detail.

Three points stood out:

1.) First the son had to realize who he was - identity (vs.17).

2.) Next he had to assess his present situation (how did he end up craving pig slop?) - honesty (vs. 17).

3.) Finally he needed a course of action to return to his rightful position in line with his identity - destiny/purpose (vs. 18-20).

I meditated on these three points while working out this afternoon and throughout the day. I saw how these three points could provide a framework or outline for a much needed dialogue on racism in America.

First we need to apply them to ourselves and then to our nation.

Think about:

1.) Who am I as a person and who are we as a nation? Do we REALLY stand for liberty and justice for ALL? Is the constitution an antiquated document to hang on the wall like a corporate mission statement no one adheres to. Are we in such denial that the truth has become a stranger no longer welcome in our lives. WHO ARE YOU?

2.) How did we get to the point where systemic racism has ripped the fabric of this nation almost to shreds. Sadly to the point where it takes a video of an African-American man nonchalantly murdered in view of the whole world to generate some much needed dialogue and change. Can you see this and continue to eat from the trough of racism. Can you remain silent which is worse? Do you believe our nation can continue on this path and survive? WHERE ARE YOU AT?

3.) Finally what is our ACTION plan to make it right. Can we ditch the slogan “Make America Great Again” which has become a racist code word and work together to just make America great for EVERYONE.


(Proverbs 14:34)

“Righteousness exalts a nation,

but sin is a disgrace to any people”.