Quarantine Lessons from “Betty Bird”

Quarantine Lessons from “Betty Bird”

During quarantine Kacie and I observed a bird make her nest on our back patio. She nestled it between our roof and a gutter.

I named her Betty Bird and I actually grew kind of attached to her. Every morning upon waking I would check on her.

It wasn’t long before she laid and hatched some eggs.

Kacie and I watched as the baby birds grew and before long the nest became too small for the Bird family.

One morning we woke up and they were gone. Now this may sound kind of crazy but I was a bit sad when I saw the empty nest.

I actually learned some spiritual lessons from Betty Bird. Didn’t Jesus say, “Consider the birds...in (Matthew 6:26a)?

First I learned the importance of PREPARATION. We saw Betty work diligently to prepare her nest BEFORE she laid and hatched her eggs. The quarantine is allowing me to prepare for a new season in my life. When it’s over I won’t be getting ready, I’ll hit the ground running (Isaiah 43:18,19).

Second - Betty knew her PURPOSE. She is a bird and didn’t try to bark like a dog. She didn’t try to meow like a cat. Her purpose consisted of building a nest, laying eggs and taking care of her baby birds until they could leave the nest. My purpose is to preach, teach, coach and mentor our justice involved population. That’s where like Jesus my anointing resides (Isaiah 61:1). As the saying says, “there are many ways to skin a cat”. I’m open to new ways to accomplish the same purpose.

Third - she accepted the PROVISION God provided. We would watch as she left the nest to find food for herself and her babies, (Mathew 6:26b). She didn’t sow or reap or gather in barns yet God fed her and her family. Daddy bird kicked in and would feed the family while Betty sat on her nest. During this economic downturn God is providing for me like he used ravens (another bird example (1 Kings17:4) to provide for the Prophet Elijah. And it’s almost without effort on my part.

Fourth - Betty and her well built nest provided PROTECTION for the baby birds. We experienced a few spring storms with some very strong winds. I wondered how Betty and the babies would survive the onslaught of wind and rain. When I checked on her she had completely covered her babies with her own body. Since she had strategically built her nest the storms didn’t really affect her. The nest remained intact and the babies were safe.

During this pandemic (Psalm 91) blessed me tremendously.

I am 67 years old with some underlying potential health issues.

I recently completed treatment for both Cancer and Hep C which could have left me with a compromised immune system but God protected me. This week I tested negative for COVID-19. God is protecting me as I abide under the shelter of the Most High and remain in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1).

Finally - Betty knew when her assignment was up which lined up with her sense of purpose. She didn’t allow the nest to retard her purpose. She moved when it was time to move!

God is moving me into different areas of ministry only I can’t become complacent in the nest. It’s time to move (Isaiah 43:18,19).

I’ll miss you Betty but I know you flew on to bigger and better things and so will I.

Thanks for the lessons:

1.) Preparation

2.) Provision

3.) Purpose

4.) Protection