Are You Spiritually Agile?

While watching my granddaughter Kennedi and her friend Kinnedi, 10 and 9 years old respectively, play today; their agility and energy amazed me. It seemed so long ago when I had that same agility and energy. That's when God reminded me though my outward body is perishing my inward person is renewed every day (2Corinthians 4:16).

So that means my spiritual man is becoming more agile and more energetic than ever! Hallelujah!

What is agility and why do we need to be spiritually agile? I'm glad you asked.

The definition of agility is, "the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness; ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity".

Spiritually that means we move when Holy Spirit moves. We are spiritual change agents in a stagnant world. We have an ear tuned to God's frequency and a heart willing to obey His directives without question. We are like the wheels in the Prophet Ezekiel's vision

(Ezekiel 1:19-20).

The opposite of that is someone inflexible and stiff with religion and tradition doing the same thing the same way for years and as a result making the Word of God of no effect

(Mark 7:13).

I have read and heard that spiritually we are in a season of acceleration and that word bears witness and resonates with my spirit. God is opening doors we thought were closed. He is answering prayers we thought He ignored. He is placing His people in places of authority and influence; and it is happening QUICKLY!

Think of Joseph. One day he was in prison walking down a rape charge he wasn't good for; the next day he was second in command over the most powerful nation in the world at that time (Genesis 41).

All of this happened because Joseph was spiritually agile. He was nimble and able to move quickly and think clearly.

Obviously despite his dire situation of imprisonment (which wasn't fair) he kept his spiritual gift sharp and when opportunity presented itself, he was READY. He didn't allow his situation to dictate his destiny by whining, complaining or allowing bitterness to swallow him up.

In this season of acceleration, when God opens doors, we can't be GETTING READY we have to BE ready!

That comes from daily, constantly improving our relationship with God by fasting, prayer, bible study and meditation.

If we do that we become spiritually agile and will enjoy prosperity and good success (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:3).

Ask Joseph, Joshua or David.

We read about Joseph; Joshua went from serving as Moses' armor bearer to leading the conquest of the Promised Land (Joshua 1:1-6; David went from hiding in caves from Saul to becoming King of Judea and Israel ( 2 Samuel 2 - 5:1-10).

All three of these mighty men of God were spiritually agile and ready to seize the opportunities God provided for them.

Finally let's look at the ten virgins mentioned in (Matthew 25:1-13). Five of the virgins were agile and took oil for their lamps; the other five were clumsy and foolish. When the bridegroom SUDDENLY appeared the wise, agile virgins were able to attend the wedding. The foolish, clumsy virgins were left staring at a shut door.

In this season of acceleration and open doors let's pray and ask Holy Spirit to develop in us the spiritual agility and wisdom to walk through our open doors!

I ask you again, "Are you spiritually agile"?