Jacob's Ladder Ministries Transition Re-Entry Mentor/Coach Overview

Transitional Coaching Re-Entry Program


Jacob’s Ladder Ministries Transitional Coaching Re-Entry program is designed to support men and women who have been incarcerated and are now returning to their community. Through the program, volunteers over the age of 30 serve for one year as a “Mentor/Coach” guiding men and women to help them make healthy, and positive life transitions back to their families and communities.  The road to successful re-entry can be a long and arduous process. Because this is a faith-based, Christ –centered ministry we believe that through a combination of love, social services and the power of the Holy Spirit lives and families are transformed.


Role of A Transitional Coach

·       Support the Participant through an ongoing, one-to one partnership

·       Serve as a positive role model and friend

·       Encourage and help build self-esteem

·       Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them


Time Commitment

·       Make a one-year commitment

·       Complete a 5-hour online training program

·       On first day of release provide a phone call or face to face visit with the participant.

·       Be available for at least one visit to the facility to meet with participant BEFORE they are paroled.

·       Provide weekly visits and phone contact within the first 3 months

·       Weekly phone contact and/or monthly visits for the remainder of the partnership

·       Attend Transitional Coach/Participant gatherings when organized (optional)


Participation Requirements

·       Transitional Coaches should model mature Christian character

·       Be honest, reliable and trustworthy

·       Have discernment and are not easily manipulated

·       Thoroughly understand the requirements of the Transitional Coaching Re-Entry Program and are willing to live by them

·       Have no parole or probation activity for one year

·       Not be currently in treatment for substance abuse & have a non addictive period of at least three years


Characteristics of an Effective Transitional Coach


·       The ability to look past the participant’s mistakes and see positive potential that can be developed

·       An attitude of tolerance and patience

·       The ability to encourage the participant through Bible passages and/or encouraging words

·       Strong connections to a local church and community to help the Participant with transitional needs

·       Ability to set firm boundaries and a willingness to say no when appropriate


Benefits as a Transitional Coach


·       Personal fulfillment through contribution to community and individual

·       Training sessions and certification

·       Personal ongoing support and supervision to help relationship succeed

·       Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress and grow in Jesus Christ


Application and Screening Process


·       Written Application & Background check ($20.00 application fee)

·       Complete online 5- hour training program 

·       Follow- up interview


To become a Transition Re-Entry Mentor/Coach please fill out the contact form below or contact Pastor Al at 314-283-9052. 

email: along@jacobslm.com







We encourage responsible decision-making, social engagement and family responsibility!


Alfred Long Sr. is a Pastor, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Corporate Instructor and Motivational Speaker.

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