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Jacob's Ladder Ministries was founded in 2008 by Pastor Alfred T. Long, Sr., in St. Louis, MO and provides faith-based services to men, women, and children impacted by incarceration. Through in-person classes, workshops inside Missouri prisons,  Christian 12-step classes, mentoring, support groups and sewing programs, Jacob's Ladder Ministries reaches over 80 people annually. 

Jacob's Ladder Ministries is led by the husband and wife team, Alfred and Kacie Long. Both have their personal stories of how they came into prison ministry. 

Alfred's story involves growing up on the south side of Chicago, later becoming addicted to heroin and alcohol, and Kacie's story of achieving personal success as a young, local politician only to have her career come tumbling due to her admission of embezzling campaign funds. 

Kacie and Alfred have experienced God's mercy, compassion, and His ability to heal and transform lives. Having experienced this, they lead Jacob's Ladder with a dedicated Board of Directors and committed volunteers to reach and serve those impacted by incarceration. 

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